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Why Choose MinatoCars?

With more than 20 years of expertise in export of second hand vehicles, you will be choosing quality and professionalism. Our team made of qualified advisors will guide you through your choice and will give you all of the advices that you will need. Choosing Minatocars means choosing security and tranquility.

Why Choose

You name it, we have it!

You can choose your best car from our global source including Japan and Dubai.

We are an eminent company in our field with an outstanding track record for the best customer satisfaction. We never compromise on the quality and the services and provide our customer with the best available options. We strongly believe in keeping the customer happy that’s why we always go an extra mile to provide a competent and reliable price.

We’d walk a mile for a car!

We will put all of our available resources to work. We can get your requested cars from auctions, tenders, leasing companies, and car-rental agents nationwide from Japan to all over the world.

Any queries? We are just a phone call away!

You can always reach out to our supportive and energetic staff anytime 24/7/365. Our extensive Customer Service also covers up Live Chat, phone, Fax, Facebook and emails (ADD JAPAN TFN).

The company which believes in high quality!

All of our buyers have been working with Minato Cars over a decade. We do a Proper and thorough inspections before shipping the vehicle to ensure, you receive your desired product in the best condition.

We try harder – speed is the language we speak!

Our shipping personnel are all veterans. Minato can get cheapest rates for freight compared to others which is beneficial to our clients. Prompt shipment enables you to get your dream car sooner than you imagine.

Sticking to what makes us successful!

Our mission is to deliver a 5-star vehicle-shipping experience by blending innovative logistics solutions with our team’s commitment to service excellence that delights.


Customer service is fast and efficient: your staff are quick to answer and good listeners. Generally good customer service. Thank you

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Batsaikhan Davaajav


The process of direct importing a vehicle from Japan is made easy by Minato Cars, honestly it’s simpler than I had thought. Vehicle photos and status are excellent, I found the vehicle condition exceeded my expectation

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Adam Seaman


In terms of Customer Service...I would Say, Minato Cars Staff are Excellent in Terms of giving feedback in time, "what you as is what you get in shortest time possible". Time management is another positive thing i have learnt about Minato Cars, the shipping estimation is exact. Minato cars…..Keep moving!

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Thomas Scott


The car was in a very good condition and I really enjoy driving it. This was my second car from Minato Cars, I trust them.

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Mante Lis


The vehicle I received from Minato Cars is absolutely perfect. It runs smoothly, perfect condition and has an incredibly low mileage. Thank you guys so much. 

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Aurimas Vismantas


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