Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Can Minato Cars find a vehicle that fits my needs best?

A: Since MINATO CARS has been founded, we have been in good relationship with domestic Japanese car dealers, lease and other auction companies, and our highly skilled professional team that can check the pictorial conditions and the auction sheet for our valuable customers before we proceed to buy the car from the auctions.

Q: Can you ship a car across the country?

A: Yes, we have connections with a lot of shipping companies. We can export our cars to various ports (over 190) which includes the port near you.

Q: I am worried about if shipping cost will be higher than I expected.

A: We can export our cars at a cheaper FCC than others, because we can get more discounts for exporting thousands of cars every year.

Q. If I'm wondering about purchasing a car, can I ask you any questions?

A. Of course. Minato Cars assigns a sales person in charge for each our customer, so that we can attend with your questions and needs very quickly.

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