Who We Are


We believe in developing good relationships with our customers. Because our valuable customers are the backbone of our company

Minato Cars Buyers:

Our selective staff are deployed in all major auction houses to purchase vehicles of their best quality. We perform thorough inspections of vehicles before purchasing. The buyers have wide knowledge of export, auctions, and the used vehicle industry to offer high values to our customers.


Minato Cars Yard Staff:

Our experienced yard staff provides additional inspection before each vehicle is shipped. The yard staff are well trained to fix minor defects and clean all vehicles at the yard before shipment.


Minato Cars Sales Staff:

Our fervent multilingual sales staff with solid market knowledge are engaged in the best services for customers around the CLOCK across the GLOBE.


Minato Cars Administrative staff:

Our experienced administrative staff handles all customer documentation to promote prompt and sure reception of the documents.


Minato Cars Customer Service Staff:

24/7 Customer service staff assist you in any phase of your purchasing process until you receive your vehicle(s).