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The leading automobile trading company in Japan. We have been exporting used cars for sale in japan for export all over the world. More than 15 years, Minato Cars are providing quality services to their customers. We believe in customer satisfaction and gratification for that reason we ensured that japan car auction online has no risk for our clients, money-wise, quality-wise and shipment hassles. There are numerous agent offices Minato cars have, including Uganda, Kenya, UAE, Pakistan and so on


All clients please be careful of fake Minato cars Emails. Don't trust emails regarding payments to bank accounts other than mentioned on Minato cars Japan website. Please contact us immediately if any details are suspicious. Minato cars Japan can't be held responsible for clients being involved in any of such scams.


You will find all the leading brands of Japanese cars such as Toyota, Mercedes, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Suzuki, Honda, and Daihatsu. Availability of Your desire vehicle trucks, Van, Wagons and Buses with a vast selection of models, colors, and age. As far as shipment of your demanded vehicle, we are able to ship on short notice anywhere around the globe. We as Japanese used vehicle exporters combine our expertise to overcome financial burden for the customer when delivering vehicles.

Delay Shipment Notice

Dear Customer
Good Day. Hope you are well.

At present, it is extremely difficult to secure space for vessels; one of the main reasons is the resumption of the economy due to the CORONA VIRUS.

The congestions of cargo ships in the ports between Europe and the United States greatly affected the situation.

This may continue for a while but we are doing our very best to ship your cars the soonest possible time.

We will keep you posted of the status of your units.

We are extremely sorry for this inconvenience and thank you for your continued cooperation.

For further concerns and questions, do not hesitate to contact the Customer Service Department of Minato cars.

We would be pleased to be of service to you.